Battle of Issus (Part 2)

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Battle of Issus (Part 2)

The battle was stil very undecisive when Alexander decided to lead a charge with his heavy cavalry straight at the center of the Persian Army.



Seeing Alexander cutting his way through the Persians and making straight for him, Darius panicked and fled.

Once the king was seen abandoning the field, the Persians collapsed and fled in disarray. Alexander couldn't immediately pursue him because there were some remnants of the battle to be concluded. Darius had escaped in a lighter chariot and left his mother, wife and children behind who were captured by Alexander who treated them with the respect due to royalty




After this battle the most obvious strategy would have been that Alexander move to the east together with his army and royal hostages, to the heart of the Persian Empire before Darius had time to recruit new soldiers. However he was determined to fulfill his first plan, which was to gain control over the coastal areas. He moved southwards down the Syrian coast and Sidon and Byblos surrendered to him without a fight. Completely different was the situation at Tyre which is the subject of The "Siege of Tyre".

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